World Series Is Here!!

ALL U10 and U12 games are posted...

The rest...soon and the Teams.

Thanks for your patience.

Hey Maroons...Check out these old photos from Marshfield vs Menomoniee football 

Scroll down to the search area and search for a gallery called 



The Basic, Up Against the Wall, photos are ready for sale.  I would like to cut the players out

of the background and place them on the background of your choice, similar to the Freedom Team Players during the Wisconsin Games.  

Send me a message and I'll work with you.  

The total price for the modified team photo is $25.00 for the file.  

That way you can print as many as you like using your own printer - Costco, Wal-Mart, etc.

Remember, Click and Click again to drill into your photo.  Finally you will get to having one shot on your screen, full size. Then use the right and left arrows to navigate.

Hey Teams - Something New at Happy Home Productions - Percent Off Coupons!

Teams - Pool your orders and get a variable discount depending on your order.  

You will also save big on postage by pooling orders.  

How to do it? - Best wait until I have all photos posted - This week for sure! Then, when I am done, read the suggestions below.


Each photo has a unique identifier (the file name).  

Have your Team Leaders get the file names for the photos you want and order them in one fell swoop.  

Then grab the Discount Code word and apply it at checkout.

Here are the discount percentages and coupon codes.  

On orders between 50 and 100 dollars get a 10 percent discount  - Enter Code TenPercentOff

Orders between 100 and 150 dollars get a 15 percent discount - Enter Code  FifteenPercentOff

Orders over 150 dollars get a 20 percent discount - Enter  Code TwentyPercentOff

If you like, I can send you and email when your team's shots are ready.  

Use the email address on the website to send me a message. 

A New School Year is About to Burst Forth!

Welcome to School Year 2017-18

I can hardly believe it has been 50 years since I was in High School

Check back often.  

Leave me an email message if you want me to let you know when they are ready. Send to Happyhomeproductions@charter.net

New Photos are available a few days after the event,

so poke around and see if your game is posted!

For the panoramic/wide shots of teams lined up for the National Anthem you can order a really wide panoramic print at a reasonable cost.

Navigation hint...Drill down until you arrive at your destination

If you don't see the game you're looking for try using the 'Search' feature.

Click on 'Search for folders & galleries by keyword', a little lower on this page.  

Then, in the text box that shows up, enter the word or words separated by commas, that pertain to the game you would like to see.  

Example: Marshfield, Football will return galleries that have Marshfield football games.

Another example: Marshfield, Merrill,Football returns, you guessed it Marshfield vs Merrill in football.

Then click 'Galleries' followed by clicking on the magnifying glass.  

No promises, just try it and see what happens.


Watch them today...See them again tomorrow