A New Year Dawns, Welcome to Happy Home Productions for 2016-2017

Check back often.  

New Photos are available a few days after the event,

so poke around and see if your game is posted!

This year I am going to try something new.  

In the past, when I processed the photos, I included cropping before posting them.  

This takes a considerable amount of time, and since I want you to see the photos as soon as possible after the event,

I am going to plop them 'full frame' just as soon as they are ready.  

I will then crop them and post them along with the full frame shots.  

This way you get to see them quicker,

and if you don't agree with my cropping, you can do that when you order the prints.  

The downloaded files will be either the full frame or cropped photo as indicated.

Full Frame photos will come right before the cropped version.

Example file:  cTigers_FB_23.jpg (cropped version) is followed by fTiger_FB_23_C.jpg (the full frame version) 

For the panoramic/wide shots of teams lined up for the National Anthem you can order a really wide panoramic print at a reasonable cost.

Navigation hint...Drill down until you arrive at your destination

If you don't see the game you're looking for try using the 'Search' feature.

Click on 'Search for folders & galleries by keyword', a little lower on this page.  

Then, in the text box that shows up, enter the word or words separated by commas, that pertain to the game you would like to see.  

Example: Marshfield, Football will return galleries that have Marshfield football games.

Another example: Marshfield, Merrill,Football returns, you guessed it Marshfield vs Merrill in football.

Then click 'Galleries' followed by clicking on the magnifying glass.  

No promises, just try it and see what happens.


Watch them today...See them again tomorrow