DONE!   All Photos are posted. 

Hello Smalltown Baseball World Series players, coaches, fans, and PARENTS!  This year's games were wonderful, great weather and even better play!  Be sure that you have plenty of photos to preserve the memories of the event.  So soon they are grown and on their own...having a few pics might bring you back to the time when they were little.  The posted galleries are ready for purchases and Discount Coupons for 10 and 15 percent off are ready for the galleries that I have posted, but you will save even more by pooling your orders to save on printing and postage.  I will have both the cropped and full frame versions so you can custom crop your favs just before checkout.  Cropped pics are first, then after those, the full frame.  I try to make it easy to find the full frame shots, the last digits are the same in each version.  To see the coupons just get to near checkout and look for a box that has the Percent Off text.  Choose the right one and verify that the coupon worked.  p.s.  I have set the default crop dimension to 5x7 and adjusted the price of the 5x7 to be nearly at cost, so that is the size I would choose if I were you, a bit bigger and a bit cheaper.

ps.  Blackhawks - My team photo (with all the parental units included) is a very good candidate for a panorama shot.  I deleted the pano option from my pricelist and can't get it back, but I can add this shot to a separate gallery where is is still in effect.  I will put it up tonight.  Thanks.

Team Photos and photos of the crowd have not full frame pics.

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All Photos Have Been Posted!