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Spencer Individual Photos done.  I'm sorry, but I was not able to all the Graduates.  I didn't get into position until a few had gone by.

To get to your game photos, scroll to the photo from your game on this page, then click on the picture. This will take you to the first photo taken at that game. Once there you can use the arrows to scroll the individual photos or click the X (in the upper right corner) to see the shots in a grid layout. From there, clicking on a picture in the grid will enlarge that shot. You can click on the 'breadcrumbs' to navigate backwards.  Oh, ya, if you want you can crop each photo as you see fit.

Because of the website limits only 48 games from school year 2014-15 are shown on this page.  If you don't see what you are looking for, try 'Browse for Folders' and drill down in the school year to check if they are there.

ps. You can pick up prints of various sizes by clicking on the 'Buy' icon in the lower right corner. For prior years' photos please see instructions below.

Prices are very competitive, starting at $1.99 for a 4x6 inch print. Thanks and enjoy the memories.

If you would rather browse to the photos, or want to see games from yesteryear, the 'Browse' feature is still working. 'Search' depends on picking the right keyword, something of a hit or miss as I have changed how I name the shots over the years.