Friday's  and Saturday's World Series Games Are Posted.

Making Progress on the Sunday Games, they should be done by Thursday late eve.  

Carmen has two versions for you.  One harkens back to the Good Old Days of baseball (not cropped) and another version - Processed and cropped by me. 

Visit the People and Stuff gallery for some individual shots...Team photos will be in the Teams gallery

All that remains for Wisconsin are a couple of U14 are a couple of Carmen's games.

If you have a favorite shot that you would like me to 'adjust' in some manner, this can be done for a modest fee.

Wife gets her original cast off tomorrow, only to be replaced by another one. 

 A couple of games were missed.  I try to get to all of them, but I did not.  My apologies to those teams that I missed. 

The Small Town Baseball photos are

optimized for 5x7 prints.  

This means that you will not have trouble cropping,

and for only a few cents more you will get a lot bigger photo.

Be Sure to Visit the Gallery called 'Blob of Parents, Players, and Friends'

That gallery has most of the candid dugout photos that are really hard to get!

A New Year Dawns, Welcome to Happy Home Productions for 2016-2017

Check back often.  

New Photos are available a few days after the event,

so poke around and see if your game is posted!

For the panoramic/wide shots of teams lined up for the National Anthem you can order a really wide panoramic print at a reasonable cost.

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